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The first bake-from-frozen membership for sourdough bread, artisanal pastries, and/or fresh pasta.


How does Wildgrain work?

We’ve made Wildgrain as simple as possible:. 1. Start your membership by choosing the Mixed Box or the Bakery Box. 2. Your Wildgrain Box gets delivered right to your door every month. 3. Store the bread, pasta, and pastries in your freezer. When you’

What’s in the box?

The Mixed Wildgrain Box includes an assortment of sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries. The Bakery Box includes an assortment of sourdough bread and artisanal pastries. All are ready-to-bake from frozen, with no prep required. Some

Will the Wildgrain Box items fit in my freezer?

Most people have no problem fitting the Wildgrain items in the freezer of an average home refrigerator. If your freezer is extra-full one month, you can skip your Wildgrain Box delivery that month.

Can I order individual items?

We don’t currently have the option for individual item orders or custom orders.

What kind of packaging do you use for your box?

The insulation is compostable and made from corn and the plastic covering it is recyclable. Although the insulation can't be recycled, it can be composted or safely dissolved in water outside or down the drain. We also switch between 2 types of insul

Is it okay to refreeze the items?

We’ve tested the refreezing technique and haven’t seen any quality loss with our products, but if you see a decrease in quality, please let us know and we can refund you or ship a replacement box to you!