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Why is Wildgrain more expensive than the same products at the supermarket?Updated 9 months ago

Each Wildgrain Box comes with the makings of 30+ individual meals. Our prices are comparable to brick-and-mortar artisan bakeries and specialty shops. The pricing reflects the high-quality ingredients and labor process that goes into creating the products (vs. mass-produced products sold at the supermarket that are made with low-cost, low-quality ingredients).

Like with organic produce or grass-fed, free-range meats, there's always a higher price tag. But the price reflects the increased quality and subsequent health benefits of the food. Our products contain important nutrients, such as fiber-rich bran, proteins, and vitamin-rich germs, that you’ll never find in supermarket carbs.

Plus, Wildgrain has an added value over brick-and-mortar specialty stores in that we save you time in your week because we deliver right to your door! And we know nothing is more priceless than saving time.

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