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Gifting 🎁

Wildgrain members are able to send e-gift cards and one-time gift boxes to friends and family from their Member Account. We also offer corporate gift options for members and non-members!

How can I gift a one-time Wildgrain Box?

One of the perks of being a Wildgrain member is the ability to send one-time Wildgrain Boxes as gifts via your Member Account!. From there, your recipient will immediately receive an email informing them that you gifted them a one-time Wildgrain Box.

How can I gift a Wildgrain E-Gift Card?

If you're not a Wildgrain member:. You can choose from several E-Gift Card options on our website here. If you are a Wildgrain member:. One of the perks of being a Wildgrain member is the ability to gift a Wildgrain E-Gift Card from your Member Accou

Can I buy a physical Wildgrain gift card?

We do not sell physical Wildgrain gift cards, but you can see the instructions for how to purchase a Wildgrain E-Gift Card here. Got any suggestions or other questions? Contact us!

Do you offer corporate gift options?

Yes, we do! There's nothing better than warm, fresh bread straight out of the oven, and now you can gift it. From employee appreciation gifts to client gifts, a one-time curated Wildgrain Box or a Wildgrain E-Gift Card is a thoughtful, delicious, and