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Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's pastry instructions if I live at high altitude?Updated 8 months ago

Unlike our breads, our pastries are not par-baked so they will need to rise in your oven.

We recommend adjusting the instructions for next time by decreasing the oven temperature and increasing baking time, so that the pastries will end up golden brown.

For our Croissants, we recommend baking them at 360°F for 30 minutes.

For all of our other pastries, we recommend lowering the baking temperature on the product instructions by about 25°F and then bake for the maximum baking time on the instructions. If the pastries are still not golden brown, continue to bake them until they are.

We recommend first baking one pastry as a test to see if it bakes properly from the adjusted instructions, and then continue to adjust from there for your own oven.

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