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Pastries Tips 🥐

Everything you need to know about how to perfectly bake, enjoy, and store your Wildgrain pastries.

What should I do if my Croissants arrive slightly smushed?

The Croissants thaw quickly in transit even with dry ice and the Enviro Ice™ gel packs packed in the Wildgrain Box, so if they arrive slightly smushed but still cold, put them in the freezer right away. When slightly smushed Croissants are baked, the

Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's pastry instructions if I live at high altitude?

Unlike our breads, our pastries are not par-baked so they will need to rise in your oven. We recommend adjusting the instructions for next time by decreasing the oven temperature and increasing baking time, so that the pastries will end up golden bro

Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's pastry instructions if I have a convection oven?

Wildgrain baking instructions are based on using a regular oven. If you have a convection oven, we recommend decreasing the oven temperature in the instructions by 50F - 100F. It may take some trial-and-error to figure out how to best adjust the baki

Can I unroll the Croissants to add my own filling?

We don't recommend thawing the Croissants so that you can unroll them, add your own filling, roll them back up, and then bake them. After being asked this question, our Chief Product Officer tried out this process herself, and the thawed Croissants d

How should I store my baked Wildgrain pastries?

Our pastries taste best when they’re freshly baked, so we recommend only baking what you plan to eat in one sitting. If you do have leftover pastries, we recommend:.

Why do the biscuits sometimes have a greenish/blueish color inside?

The greenish/blueish coloration you see inside our biscuits is common and is not mold; it's is caused by a reaction between the fruit and the baking powder. It can happen in the product's raw or baked state. Here's an example photo of what this react

What's the difference between Chocolate Avalanche Croissants and Chocolate Croissants?

Our Chocolate Avalanche Croissants vs. our Chocolate Croissants - both delicious, but slightly different! Our Chocolate Avalanche Croissants are stuffed full of chocolate, so there's chocolate in every bite. While our Chocolate Croissants are more li