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How do I prevent my Wildgrain pasta from sticking when it cooks?Updated 9 months ago

Cooking pasta from frozen involves a slightly different approach than cooking dry pasta.

To ensure your frozen pasta properly separates, we recommend:

  • Using a larger pot than you normally would so there’s a larger amount of boiling water.
  • Bringing the pot to a very strong boil before putting the pasta in. The frozen pasta will cool the water slightly when you put it in, so it’s important for the boil to be strong.
  • Stirring the pasta frequently, especially at the beginning to help it separate faster.

If you continue to struggle with the pasta sticking after trying the above methods, we could recommend that you thaw the pasta in your refrigerator and then cook it. Once the pasta is thawed, you won’t have to cook it for as long, so you should check the pasta frequently until it’s the texture you want. It will likely cook in 2 - 4 minutes.

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