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Pasta Tips 🍝

Everything you need to know about how to cook, enjoy, and store your fresh Wildgrain pasta.

How do I prevent my Wildgrain pasta from sticking when it cooks?

Cooking pasta from frozen involves a slightly different approach than cooking dry pasta. To ensure your frozen pasta properly separates, we recommend:. If you continue to struggle with the pasta sticking after trying the above methods, we could recom

Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's pasta instructions if I live at high altitude?

For our pastas, you may have to extend the cooking time by a few minutes, since pasta takes longer to cook in high altitude locations. After the water comes to a strong boil, we recommend cooking the pasta for 8 minutes.

How should I store my cooked Wildgrain pasta?

You can store your cooked Wildgrain pasta in your fridge or freezer!. Fridge Storage:. Freezer Storage:.