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What if the carrier says my Wildgrain Box is delivered, but it’s not on my doorstep?Updated 9 months ago

We're so sorry you can't find your delivered Wildgrain Box!

There are a few scenarios that might have happened:

1) Sometimes the drivers leave deliveries in different locations than they normally do. If you live in a house, have you checked at the end of your driveway or any other doors you may have (including garage doors)? Or if you live in an apartment, other than your apartment door and the lobby, is there anywhere else in your building where the driver may have left your Wildgrain Box?

2) If you still can't find your Wildgrain Box after checking these locations, is there anyone else at your address who may have accepted the delivery on your behalf?

3) And lastly, drivers sometimes mark an order as delivered but then don't deliver it until a later time that day.

If your Wildgrain Box doesn't arrive by the end of day or you still can't find it after today, email Member Support at [email protected] so we can help you out!

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