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Bread Tips 🥖

Everything you need to know about how to perfectly bake, enjoy, and store your Wildgrain breads.

What does it mean that Wildgrain breads are "parbaked"?

Parbaking means that the product has been partially baked and then frozen. We love using this baking technique with Wildgrain products because it means the hard part has been taken care of (i.e. getting the product to properly rise) by our bakers but

How do I know when my Wildgrain bread is fully baked?

Because every home oven is different, we have two methods to help you figure out if your Wildgrain loaf is done baking:. 1. Crunch Check: Remove the loaf from the oven. Lightly press down on it. If you feel the loaf give a little and hear a crunch so

What should I do if my Wildgrain bread is consistently overbaking?

If you find that your loaves are consistently overbaking or the crust is burning, it’s possible that your oven runs hotter. You can try decreasing the oven temperature by 25F to 50F or decreasing the baking time. You can also cover your loaves with a

What should I do if my Wildgrain bread is consistently underbaking?

If you find your crust is burning but then you wait the 20 minute resting period and you cut the loaf open and it’s still frozen inside, cover your loaves with aluminum foil while they bake to protect the crust from getting too hard and to allow the

Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's bread instructions if I live at high altitude?

Since our loaves are parbaked, we do recommend adjusting their baking instructions. We recommend covering a frozen loaf with aluminum foil (don’t wrap the loaf in aluminum foil, just cover the top so the oven heat can still penetrate the loaf) and ba

Do I need to adjust Wildgrain's bread instructions if I have a convection oven?

Wildgrain baking instructions are based on using a regular oven. If you have a convection oven, we recommend decreasing the oven temperature in the instructions by 50F - 100F. It may take some trial-and-error to figure out how to best adjust the baki

Can I bake Wildgrain bread in an air fryer?

We don't recommend baking Wildgrain products in an air fryer.

How should I store my baked Wildgrain bread?

Good news! If properly stored, sourdough bread will last longer than commercially-yeasted bread before staling or molding. Regardless of how you’ll be storing your loaf:. If you're going to eat the loaf over the next 4-5 days:. If you're not going to

Are Wildgrain breads delivered pre-sliced?

No! Wildgrain breads are shipped to you as a whole, par-baked loaf. When they arrive, you can put them in your freezer until you're ready to bake one. Once you bake a Wildgrain bread, you let it rest for the recommended amount of time on the product

Why do some Wildgrain breads have a darker interior?

This is common when the bread recipe contains ingredients that have iron in them. For example, in our Walnut Sourdough Loaf, the reaction between the yeast and the walnuts is what causes the bread crumb and/or crust to have a darker color (sometimes

Why are some Wildgrain breads denser than others?

Some of our breads have a denser crumb (i.e. interior) than others; this can be due to the type of flour or the inclusions (e.g. fruits, nuts) used in the recipe. For example, our Harvest Sourdough Loaf is denser than our Plain Sourdough Loaf because

Do Wildgrain breads need to reach a certain internal temperature?

Nope! Unlike baking bread from scratch, you don't need to monitor the internal temperature of a Wildgrain loaf to know when it's done. This is because all Wildgrain loaves are par-baked, so this step has already been done at our partner bakeries for